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Letter: He’s no maverick

Val Colombe
Vail CO, Colorado

McCain and his “maverick” sta-tus is B.S. I truly believe that Barack Obama has this country’s best interests at heart.

It is Republican tradition that the rich get richer with all the tax breaks and the middle-class Americans always get the short end of the stick.

I wish this country would imple-ment, say, a 10 percent tax that everyone pays. That way, the peo-ple making millions of dollars pay 10 percent, and people making $30,000 to $40,000 pay 10 percent.

Also, we should have a nation-wide sales tax of, let’s say, 5 per-cent. That way, if you buy some-thing, no matter who you are and how much money you make, you pay 5 percent. To me, that is fair. That way, there are no loopholes and tax breaks for the rich. Every-one in this country would pay the same. There, it’s done. No more talk about taxes!

Frankly, McCain’s health-care solution scares the heck out of me. Older people are going to get screwed with his proposed system.

His views on Social Security also scare me. I would like to retire knowing that I will have some sort of income.

Who gives a rat’s behind about Obama’s past regarding Ayers? Sure, Ayers made huge mistakes way back when, but he is now a citizen and a teacher in our society.

McCain is not so perfect. I think he is a hot- tempered old guy who thinks the presidency is his right or something.

So he was a prisoner of war and served his country in the military. Great. What has he really done for this country in 26 years that has been really great? Not much that I know of.

And Sarah Palin? What a joke. If something were to happen to McCain, I sure would not want her running this country.

It’s time we get a Democrat in the White House again. Obama is obviously not the big decision-maker for everything. The House and Senate all have a say in what happens, too.

Obama has some great advisers who have helped shape his plans for a new direction for this coun-try. I hope and pray he is our next president! Go Obama-Biden!

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