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Letter: Hey Vail, shut the door!

Dale Bugby
Vail, CO Colorado

Vail retail shops with their front doors open in the middle of winter are offensive to my conscience. With oil at $100 a barrel and people killing each other over petroleum, you would think someone might want to conserve some energy.

Retail shops with an open-door policy will tell you they get more customers when the door is left standing open. Maybe the customers really are stupid, and can’t figure out the words “Push” or “Pull” or “Open” and “Closed. (I doubt it.) Maybe it is the landlords who are stupid and they don’t bill tenants for wasting common utilities. (Fairly likely.)

Maybe none of these retail shops has a single owner, manager or employee with an energy conscience. (Obviously.) Or maybe the policy of leaving the front door open in the middle of winter is just plain stupid.

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