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Letter: Hit-and-run at Eagle Co. Fairgrounds

Ginny Leniger
Vail CO, Colorado

I wanted to share a story that happened to my daughter, this past week in Eagle. She goes to Eagle Valley High School and works in the evenings, 32 hours a week. She is a hard worker, has a great personality and has a good heart. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked for it.

She loves all animals, especially horses. She has been saving her wages to go to college. She wants to be a veterinarian tech and specialize in equine and possibly go on to be a Veterinarian.She is involved in 4-H, and is on the Freedom Riders Drill Team, performing at county fairs and numerous parades, horse shows, etc. She was also in a roping club last year. She heard there was going to be roping going on at the Eagle Events Center Tuesday, Jan. 15.

She went there after work and was there for a couple of hours watching. When she was leaving the parking area down the Fairgrounds Road, she heard a scraping noise. She stopped and got out to look to see what it was and was shocked.

Someone had backed into her car, which is a red Honda Civic, at the Events Center and totally destroyed the front bumper. She didn’t notice it when she came out because she parked three vehicles back from the front row and it was dark in that area. She called us obviously very upset.

I just couldn’t believe someone would do that and drive away. The person had to have known they did it, with the damage that was done. It broke my heart to see the car when she got home.

She bought the car only three months ago. Our daughter loves the car, and paid for it herself with her hard-earned money. She also pays for her own car insurance,and we all know how expensive that is for teenagers these days. My parents had me do that when I was growing up, and I think it makes you a more responsible driver, and she is very much so because of it.

The car is going to need a whole new bumper and a headlight, which isn’t working now. The repairs are going to have to come out of her college savings.

If anyone has any information about who did this, please call 524-7133. If the person who did this has second thoughts about their hit and run, and maybe is feeling a little guilty, please come forward and be a responsible person, and pay for the damages you caused!

Put yourself in our daughter’s place. How would you feel if the tables were turned?

As parents, we try to teach our children responsibility and to stand up when they are in the wrong. Won’t you please come forward and take the responsibility for what you did.

We know you didn’t do it on purpose. Accidents happen, please call.

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