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Letter: Homes take sacrifice, not handouts

Roberta Smith
Eagle, CO Colorado

Our valley consistently talks about affordable housing and affordable day care. I must ask how we come to get these items ” tax the rest of the population always seems to be the first answer. Has anyone done any research about these high increases in taxes in our community, add to that all the ARM’s that have increased and you have many people that once were able to afford their homes placed out of the homes and more people lining up for affordable housing. I have heard of many people being forced to re-finance their homes to pay for these taxes and some may just be forced into foreclosure. How big will our tax lien sale be this year?

When will all this craziness end, when is it enough to stop raising taxes for those that demand affordable housing? When I wanted a home in the valley, I worked hard, two to three jobs even and I sacrificed dinners out, drinks with friends, even ski passes, and guess what? I was able to purchase a home. When my husband and I decided to have children, yes there were more sacrifices, we again sacrificed meals out, drinks with friends, ski passes and even adding money to our retirement accounts so that I was able to stay at home with our children and raise them ourselves. We did not demand for the county to offer us affordable day care. Again, it seems that no one wants to sacrifice; they want to add extra taxes on those who have already sacrificed and are trying to catch up on their retirement accounts and now building their child’s college funds, just so that they can get their homes handed to them. Yes, this sounds cold but it is reality, you want something bad enough, you work hard. What happened to that work ethic?

If this was just a tax for second home owners I may be able to understand it, but these taxes are hurting everyone else that has sacrificed to get where they are, when will this end?

The county commissioners don’t seem to care. They allowed for home prices to be inflated and did not decrease mill levies because they spent the surpluses on their own pet projects. Several of these projects were voted down by the taxpayers. Then of course we were told that we did not understand it and the county voted them in anyway. We all know which taxes these are. And I would imagine that there could be more around the corner as they just don’t end. We are heading in a really bad direction, I hope that there are some good candidates running for the county commissioners spots as we need them badly and soon. November is so far away ” how much will our current commissioners spend in that time. Now I wish I did sign the recall for Arn and even one for Peter!

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