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Letter: Humane society deserves support

Donna Spinelli, Eagle

I have just gotten the distressing news that the Eagle County Humane Society has been kicked out of the Eagle County Animal Shelter. Many of you may not know that those are two separate entities.

The Eagle County Humane Society has written a letter to the community stating that their mission of having a “no kill” shelter is very much at risk with this action. From what I understand, Natalie Duck, the Eagle County Animal Control Officer, requested that the Humane Society be evicted after there were some disagreements regarding the treatment of animals. The Humane Society was not happy with the county’s treatment of some animals.

The officials who requested the eviction are none other than our favorite commissioners: Arn Menconi, Peter Runyon, and Sara Fisher.

I don’t know the whole story, but I cannot imagine any circumstances where the health, life and welfare of animals was placed second to a personal and political conflict. This is just the latest in an string of events where the interests, opinions and desires of the citizens of Eagle County (including their dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals) are disregarded. I imagine the outrage of the public will make itself known loud and clear in the weeks to come.

I have enjoyed the company of four adopted animals from the Eagle County Humane Society for several years now. They provide an invaluable service. I cannot speak highly enough of the fostering abilities of Ann and Bill Loper on the board. Stephanie Samuelson helped care for my cat when I had back surgery.

Meanwhile, the Eagle County Humane Society will need your help, with foster homes and with donations. Please call them at (970) 328-PETS to volunteer your time, home, or money.

Keep this in mind in November at the next election for county commissioner.

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