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Letter: Humans overloading Earth

Peter Bergh
Edwards , CO Colorado

Evidence continues to mount that Toynbee was correct in remarking that humankind is most likely a planetary disease. To back up his observations, biologists who have studied satellite images documenting the explosive increase in human populations and our patterns of settlement around the globe note that these patterns exactly replicate the growth and spread of malignant cancerous cells.

World population now stands at approximately 6.5 billion and is expanding at the rate of about 70-80 million people a year. Despite the best efforts of governments and NGOs, some 2 to 3 billion people on planet Earth today will live out their desperate lives in abject poverty and squalor with no real hope of any better living conditions. How about a life in the hereafter, you may ask? Taking comfort in ancient myths that evolved before science effectively debunked them only exacerbates the problem and accelerates our plunge into collective misery and ultimate extinction.

The survival of the human species depends on the vast majority of the human population finally accepting the fact that we all have but one life to live and we will live it here on Earth. If and when this reality dawns, there is a chance that the all important Balance of Nature may be established and all life forms may continue to live in harmony for millennia to come.

As there simply are too many variables, no one can estimate exactly what the human carrying capacity of planet Earth may be, however there are indications that this capacity may already have been exceeded and sustainability may be in question. It has been established without doubt that our climate world-wide is changing drastically, and most likely that this sudden and rapid change has been brought about by human endeavors such as burning fossil fuels and spewing their by-products into the atmosphere. The results of this change are as yet unknown, but by most projections will have a profound and mostly negative effect on humankind.

Today, upwards of one third of the human population hangs on by a thread, energy demands are increasingly outstripping production, and competition for bare essentials such as food, water and shelter will soon near the breaking point. It is the responsibility of those living today to begin to establish limits to growth in order to dissuade Mother Nature, just a few generations down the road, from employing her draconian, and absolutely certain, methods of curtailing the number of human beings that are rapidly consuming the Earth and all of its resources and life forms. Call it simply enlightened self-interest for survival.

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