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Letter: Idea: Government spends less money

Chris Ahrens
Avon, CO Colorado

I read the letter by Mr. Bottomley and Mr. Fulton, and I thought taxing the wealthy was a brilliant idea. OK, not so much. As if they don’t carry most of the tax burden in this country.

Here’s an idea: How about the government spending less money? Do we really need to incarcerate people for non-violent drug offences? Do we need to bail out idiots that got suckered into crappy mortgages and are in danger of losing their homes? The poor in this country pay almost nothing in taxes but demand the most in government assistance. Cut these people off. Socialism, which is what you’re suggesting, does nothing but create dependence (which you liberals love) and no motivation to create a better life for themselves. Why work your ass off if the government will just give it to you? Robbing Peter to pay Paul doesn’t work and has never worked. Stupid people deserve to suffer. It’s called natural selection. It’s worked in the process of evolution and now it’s time to let it work on (and for) the human population.

If you can’t feed yourself, why in the hell would you think it’s a good idea to have eight children, living on government assistance. It isn’t complicated. Tax less and spend less, but politicians can’t seem to get it, liberal and conservative alike. Just like an addict, I guess you have to hit rock bottom first to truly see the problem. Seems like we are very far from the bottom.

Guys, enjoy your tax hike. Pay a little extra if you want. I’m sure nobody will mind.

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