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Letter: If you believe there’s a difference, vote

I have a friend who never votes. She says both sides are corrupt and there is no difference.

When I see Diane Mitsch Bush with all her wisdom, experience, integrity, and ability to work with those who disagree with her, I say, “No difference?” Her opponent is a woman who has no political experience and whose only claim to fame seems to be that she can run a restaurant where all the waiters carry guns. Is there no difference as to which can represent western Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives?

John Hickenlooper is not my favorite person, but compared to Cory Gardner, he is a jewel. He cares not only about Colorado’s progress but the direction of the whole country is going and will make an excellent senator. Gardner has proven again and again that he is a pawn of the administration and has no thoughts as to our future. No difference?

Comparing Biden and Trump is futile. You either care about ethics or you don’t. 

The ballots have been sent out; if you believe there is a difference, please vote.

Katherine Delanoy


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