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Letter: Illegal immigration is important

Mimi Dick
Northglenn, CO Colorado

You are wrong about U.S. citizens thinking that immigration isn’t important anymore!

Especially the illegal ones who come here and take away our jobs! Fear about splitting up families if we deported some of them is bogus as most of them left their families at home to come her illegally. And if they get deported then they simply take their children with them as they would do if they got another job in another country! Is there something about that you don’t understand? We have never proposed to deport 20 million illegals, but there are many of them that could be deported, among them being non-violent criminals and any violent criminal that has served their sentence should be deported immediately.

But before any consideration of what to do with the 20 million illegals here already, our southern border must be secured. Then and only then can we talk about what to do with the rest!

Ask anyone who is in the building trades if illegal immigration hasn’t made their ability to be employed almost impossible. I’m not just talking about the Mexican illegals but each and every illegal from anywhere in the world. And yes, it’s still damn important to most American citizens ” you’re damn right it does. Maybe one will take your job next, Mr. Stewart!

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