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Letter: Illegals contribute to anarchy

Frosty Wooldridge
Louisville, CO Colorado

RE: Matt Z’s immigration commentary: Matt Zalaznick illustrates a lack of understanding concerning illegal migrants. Yes, Vail employers of illegals break our laws, but get away with it. Result: anarchy and the loss of the rule of law. A few get to make huge profits against law-abiding and tax-paying American citizens. Colorado taxpayers shell out $1 billion annually to pay for illegals as to education, medical and incarceration. We become victims while lawlessness thrives.

He wouldn’t be so coy if his family member had been run over by a drunken illegal like Dale Englerth, Justin Goodman or killed by a bullet like Denver Officer Don Young or wife or daughter had been raped by illegals like the eight women in Boulder two years ago. Illegal migrants will prove America’s worst dilemma of the 21st century.

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