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Letter: Illegals give Eagle-Vail school bad rap

Barrett Chow, Avon
Vail CO, Colorado

I still don’t know why people fight so much on the subject of illegal immigrants and how they still acquire constitutional rights, even though they are illegal.

I still think that the illegal part should negate any constitutional rights. How is that that the people who are breaking the rules are protected by them? It makes no sense, but that’s not the only thing that doesn’t make sense nowadays. Somehow if someone gets deported it’s a slap on the wrist and we put them back across the boarder and say OK give another shot.

This current immigration problem is filling up our schools up with kids and with problems. After reading a review online about my very own high school, I could only shake my head and laugh when someone described that Battle Mountain High School has an “inner-city” feel to it. Give me a break, the only thing inner city about our school is that the lockers don’t lock and the building is older than most of our teachers.

So if the police are letting illegal immigrants stay even though they blatantly lied to police officials and delayed a robbery investigation, well I guess the term ILLEGAL doesn’t have much meaning to it anymore.

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