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Letter: Illegals go home

Delores Pinefeld
Vail, CO Colorado

To the Hispanic women employed at the local thrift shop, muchas gracias! Thank you for giving me the motivation to research the illegal immigration laws for the State of Colorado. Did you know that illegal immigration is a federal offense punishable by up to six months in a federal prison? Did you know that because of this epidemic, our public schools are overcrowded, our public assistance is running thin and our affordable housing is very limited?

I was shocked and appalled to enter this shop a couple of weeks ago to be waited on by a rude Spanish woman who was not even capable of speaking my language. As if this isn’t bad enough, I also overheard a venomous Spanish conversation amongst the employees. Some of us U.S.A. natives have taken up Spanish as a second language. I heard your admissions of illegal status as well as the nasty comments directed towards your non-Spanish fellow employees. You then mentioned the fact that you are very aware of your employer’s knowledge of this illegal status. You are breaking the law and victimizing legal residents within our country. Do you not even have the decency to treat others with any respect at all?

I refuse to stand by and watch as our country is slowly bled dry. I urge anyone with any knowledge of illegal immigrants to take a stand. Report illegal immigrants’ anonymously at http://reportillegals.com to the proper government agency.

Soy la mujer rubia billingue detras de usted en la linea

(The bilingual woman behind you in the line)

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