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Letter: Immigration brainwashing

Haydee Pavia
Laguna Woods, CA

The article states, “At the same time, some students might come from families with hostile feelings toward (illegal) immigrants, who might be instilling racism and the “Deport them all” attitude in their children.” (Vail Daily, March 9: “How do Vail Valley kids talk about immigration?”)

I call this an outrageous attempt at brainwashing not only American children but an attempt at intimidating parents who demand the enforcement of our immigration laws by suggesting that it’s motivated by racism.

I’m Hispanic, I came to the U.S. as a legal immigrant, I’m a U.S. naturalized citizen and I deeply resent being thrown in with illegal aliens by calling these invaders of our country “immigrants.” It’s quite obvious that the Vail Valley greedy merchants are succeeding in reaching their tentacles into the education system to protect the free flow of their taxpayer subsidized illegal alien labor.

I live in California, ground zero for illegal immigration. It costs my state $10.5 billion a year to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal aliens. California is in debt for $14 billion, possibly more. I’m on a fixed income and I could lose my home to higher property taxes needed to take care of the millions of illegal aliens, mostly Mexican nationals. I say: “Deport them all!” And if that makes me, a Hispanic, a racist against illegal aliens, so be it.

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