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Letter: In Vail, kayakers are boaters

Tyler Moline, boater, Minturn
Vail CO, Colorado

If Mr. Roels is seriously bent out of joint about the semantics of the word “boaters” in a paper published in Eagle County, I would invite him to do his best to find out how many people in this area are active sailors or powerboaters. Then I would ask him to tell us how many people use rafts and kayaks around here. When you do the math, this valley has far more “boaters” who use the latter ” because that’s what kind of water we have around here. Kind of hard to miss that fact.

Therefore, as rafters, canoeists, and kayakers, we have the prerogative to call ourselves “boaters.” His suggestions to change the way a culture of a enthusiasts describes itself are highly presumptuous. I’m not going to tell Travis Pastrana that he’s not a “biker” because he doesn’t ride a bicycle.

If Mr. Roels was an active member of our mountain lifestyle, he might understand this. If he wants to sail or power-boat, he can go play in Lake Dillon. I’m guessing we “boaters” won’t be seeing much of him in any case.

And raft guides? They have a tough enough job that they can call themselves whatever they want.

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