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Letter: Is Ginn Minturn’s messiah?

Tim Caudill, Minturn
Vail CO, Colorado

Each year I am slack-jawed when I spend a few minutes watching the “Ginn Open” and the “Ginn Tribute hosted by Annika.” Yet, I cannot figure out why I am in such awe. Was it the repeated aerial TV shots from the Ginn company’s own blimp? The fact that the purse (prize money) at each of these professional women’s golf tournaments is tied for second-most ($2.6 million) of the 35 tournaments held by the LPGA each year? Is it the impressive commercials for the many impossibly expansive Ginn company developments, both domestic and international? The repeated cameo appearances by Bobby Ginn himself? One cannot deny that he is impressive ” a small town, self-made man, so accomplished (with “40,000 acres currently under development or in the planning stages”), savvy, and witty on camera.

In addition, he is seemingly environmentally contentious, as evidenced by his company’s setting aside hundred of acres and relinquishing millions of dollars in profit to protect land for tortoises, sand skinks and provide wildlife corridors, the relocation of oak trees and the protection of bald eagles. In fact, the director of advocacy for the Florida Audubon Society said that the “Ginn Resorts preservation efforts should serve as an example for other developers.”

Depending on your set of beliefs and the facts you have, once you appreciate his seemingly endless resources, you will either deem him Minturn’s messiah or pariah.

Will you be relieved that our tiny town is shaping its own destiny? Is he the one to finally save us from our perpetual infrastructure issues? The genius developer able to build a bike path for all to enjoy, provide local scholarships, donate a town library, day care, and recreation/community center? The one to clean up a nearby Superfund site, stimulate business and employ and house many in our valley? Or is he a just another one of them ” a wealth-perpetuating resource sucker, tranquility buster, tree cutter and wildlife displacer? Will he appropriately clean up all the mine waste? Will his actions diminish the quality of life of current Minturn residents by building a wastewater treatment plant, community center and high density housing on forest land just out their back doors? What about the endless trucks rumbling down main street?

One thing is for sure, once you see for yourself who he and his company are, you will not underestimate your partner/adversary again. The broadcast dates are: “Ginn Open,” CBS Sports (April 19, 11:30 a.m.; April 20, 11 a.m.) and “Ginn Tribute hosted by Annika,” NBC Sports (May 31, June 1).

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