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Letter: Is it time to build sidewalks in Eagle-Vail?

The recent Vail Daily article about the hit-and-run skateboard accident on Highway 6 in Eagle-Vail reminded me of my observations of foot traffic in the area. When driving the Eagle-Vail business area, I often slow to avoid pedestrians walking on the shoulder.

When the shoulders are covered in slush, it is common to encounter people walking in the travel lane. This looks like an opportunity for Eagle-Vail to improve safety and, possibly, influence future development in this area. I have walked this section to run errands without moving my car between stops. If this area was more business-friendly, the business mix might change to take on more of the elements of a traditional downtown.

Through more detailed planning, Eagle-Vail could become more of a social destination and the resulting prosperity would pay some of the costs of installing sidewalks and enhance safety for pedestrians and drivers alike. 

Mark S. Bergman


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