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Letter: Judge candidates by character

Gus Nicholson

It is an unfortunate by-product of our arrested human development that we need to justify our candidates in terms of our preferences for male vs. female, white vs. colored, etc. Anyone who knew their mother and grew up in a nuclear family experienced female wisdom as often, if not more so, than its masculine equivalent. The same goes for the white/black thing.

We now know that whites are not automatically the smartest version of the human species. The recent administration has proven it beyond the shadow of anyone’s doubt. So, I wonder: Is it the media that’s trying ever so hard to portray our current presidential election choices in demographic terms that consciously seek to pander and divide? If so, they do us a great injustice. I believe this election will be determined by the majority of Americans who are finally fed up with the crap we’re fed and will make up our own minds, not on the basis of rhetoric or who can do the political two-step faster or smoother. But, by the candidate who means what he/she says and has consistently stuck to it.

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