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Letter: Look out for Ginn, Minturn

Forrest Logan, Blythewood, S.C.

The residents living near or around the new Ginn development had better start running away from Minturn!

Bobby Ginn has lawsuits coming at him right and left, not to mention the developments he has NOT completed to date even though he has made promises out the wazoo!

Mr. Ginn and his pie-in-the-sky “dreams” have ruined the lives of many people including the residents of Cobblestone Park in South Carolina. We have had no communication with Ginn for six-and-a-half months. They will really impress you in the beginning and you are totally enthralled, but then both shoes drop and it turns into a nightmare. Our homeowner association costs have escalated dramatically, our development, which is not enclosed around the perimeter, has security for which we pay $500 million a year! Anyone can walk or drive in here at any time of the day or night ” and this has happened!

Beware, beware! Obviously the city of Minturn has not done their research about Ginn and how his company operates. Have them check out BriarRose, Quail West, Tesoro, Bella Colina, Laurelmor, Cobblestone Park, The Conservatory, etc. Minturn will, also, end up like the rest of us, and we were not investors. Having built our home in Cobblestone Park in 2003, we have no say in how our development is operated or NOT operated. The “new” clubhouse was started in July, 2007 and was brought to a grinding halt in February 2008 with not a word from Ginn as to why, how, when, etc.

People there need to know about Mr. Ginn and his cohorts as well as who is financing his activities there. It is NOT Ginn!

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