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Letter: Look out for Red Cliff

Ron Mitchell, Red Cliff

I’m hoping the residents of Minturn will deny the Ginn project when it comes time to vote on this ostentatious monster. Your friends and relatives just up the road in Red Cliff and Leadville are at your mercy at this point as well.

Mr. Ginn needs to be sent a clear message that local residents’ quality of life is far more important than allowing the mega wealthy to come in and wreak havoc while catering to other mega wealthy individuals.

While Mr. Ginn has thrown some enticing bones out there to this town of Minturn, look at the price the rest of us would have to pay in allowing such a horrible project.

A high-end project of this nature will force the taxes and insurance on existing properties to skyrocket even further. There’s also talk of building reservoirs and employee housing projects in Red Cliff’s backyard. Thanks a lot, Mr. Ginn. Just what I always wanted in the Red Cliff area.

When you look at the impacts to our water and air quality, the disruption to wildlife and fighting construction traffic for 20 years on a windy, narrow road, this local resident of 27 years would like to tell Mr. Ginn to take his proposed project and stick it where the sun don’t shine. There are some things money can’t buy, Mr. Ginn.

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