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Letter: Lucky to have Radio Free Minturn

Suzy Jeffreys, Portland, Ore.
Vail CO, Colorado

I live in Portland, Ore. but spent this past Christmas with my family up in Edwards. While driving around in the snow, I had the pleasure of catching Radio Free Minturn (107.9 FM, KLNX) on the radio ” what a great station! So much of the music was new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the freshness and diversity of the song choices.

I am usually a relentless channel-changer, and have a hard time even putting up with radio these days, but I was perfectly content to leave Radio Free Minturn on the whole time I was up in your part of the country.

Having read a bit about the station online, it’s clear that some dedicated music-loving folks are to thank for this treat.

And I now have one more reason to be envious of the residents of the Vail Valley, at least until the station start streaming online!

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