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Letter: Massage morality

Nora Brunner, MA, APRAssociated Bodywork &Massage Professionals

We were delighted to see your article on massage etiquette an important topic. But there were some statements about behavior during a massage session in your story that need serious clarification.The phrase keep the dirty talk to a minimum needs to be restated: Your massage therapist is a trained professional and no talk referencing sexual matters is acceptable before, during or after a massage session.And, asking for sexual favors or making advances can lead to trouble needs to be restated: Asking for sexual favors or making advances is completely inappropriate and will lead to the immediate termination of the session.The massage therapists suggestion in the article that persons desiring R-rated requests contact escort services or spas in other parts of the country, is essentially telling therapists to tell consumers to pursue an illegal course of action.The massage therapy profession has worked diligently to reclaim its identity from illicit enterprises whove disguised themselves as massage providers. Massage therapy has medical benefits recognized by the American Medical Association and thousands of highly qualified, practitioners who deserve recognition for their professionalism. Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals is the nations largest massage membership organization were just down the hill from you and weve been promoting respect for massage therapy for 20 years. Consumers who want qualified professionals to provide their massage should consult http://www.massagetherapy.com for a convenient practitioner. Thank you for clarifying this matter with readers.

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