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Letter: Mazzuca is overly alarmed

David LeVine

For some reason, Mr. Mazzuca’s columns usually inspire me to respond in a somewhat negative fashion. In that regard, his latest “concern” regarding the association of Mr. Obama with a couple of pastors and two other people, provides the most recent opportunity.

Let me begin by admitting that I continue to read the Vail Daily, the New York Times and the Washington Post despite the columns of Butch Mazzuca, William Kristol and Charles Krauthammer. And that’s because there are compensating items of interest and value in those newspapers. Continuing to read those papers surely does not indicate that I agree with the opinions of those three.

In that same vein, Mr. Obama sought and found a belief in God and was comforted and inspired by the religious teachings of Mr. Wright. In no way does that indicate that he shared, or was influenced, by the pastor’s more radical sermons. Mr. Mazzuca infers otherwise without any facts whatsoever.

Seemingly flushed with success, Mr. Mazzuca then continues his diatribe with referrals to a visiting pastor who gave one outlandish presentation and a couple of people who were virulent protesters when Mr. Obama was 4 years old.

Oh yes, and then Mr. Mazzuca introduces the “fear factor” when he suggests that Mr. Obama might nominate cabinet members and judges who really hate America.

I say, come off it, Butch, he loves our country just as you and I do!

Rather than being concerned about the far-fetched potential evils of Mr. Obama, you should really address the war and the debt and all of the other horrors that constitute the legacy of Mr. Bush.

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