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Letter: McCain no madman

Robert Leigh Grossmann, D.D.S., Petersburg, Va.
Vail CO, Colorado

Matt Zalaznick’s April 4 editorial calling John McCain a madman so infuriated me I felt it should not go without comment.

At age 69, this is the first time I have ever responded to an editorial I disagreed with. I’ve read the Vail Daily since it’s inception … but not any more.

To call John McCain a madman is unconscionable, a man who graduated from a military academy, fought for his country and your right to be a left-wing liberal, and suffered for five years as a POW, and has not used that as a political advantage. Shame on you.

In contrast, John Kerry’s staged “spots” of military service and fabricated purple hearts showed an agenda. How did Zalaznick portray the negotiating with the enemy-traitor John Kerry in articles? Like a Jimmy Carter or Jesse Jackson? Did Kerry give aid and abet the enemy psychologically, as Jane Fonda did? Traitorous actions to me.

Matt, maybe you weren’t around then or couldn’t read/write, yet. Learn from history or it will repeat itself.

Mr. Zalaznick, you have a right to your opinion but to put it in writing as assistant managing editor in a paper read by what must be predominantly conservative readers, many of whom are war veterans and still patriots, shows a lack of class, maturity and, … whatever!

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