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Letter: Merit-based advancement

Jim Marsh
Vail, CO Colorado

Woe is me, Mr. Zalaznick, for being a white male. You never seem to get it correct. I am an independent voter who just happens to be white and male. As an independent I believe in casting my vote for the candidate that I think would best serve our country regardless of gender, race, religion or party lines. I would hope your daughters would grow up in an America where patriotism never gets “tired” or “old.” In an America where “family values” always remain strong. I am sure that Hillary Clinton would have liked it if President Bill Clinton would have had those “family values” when he humiliated his wife and daughter during his presidency. I am also sure that Senator Obama also wished that his father had the same family values and would not have abandoned him at the age of 2, leaving his mother, who with love and responsibility raised this fine young man. I want my son and my daughter to live in a country where someone becomes president of this great country on their merit, character and willingness to serve. Imagine that!

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