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Letter: Mindless Reaganomics

Gus Nicholson
Vail, CO Colorado

How much more proof do we need that Reaganomics is mindless and even menacing? I was trying to think of a nicer word or two, but for all those who think we’re better off spending what little money we have left to buy ridiculously expensive health insurance, if we can get it, and armor and underwear for our sons and daughter soldiers because the Defense Department failed to arrange for them or couldn’t this past winter.

Let’s not forget to privatize our bridge and highway systems through no-bid contracts for private toll roads. That’ll solve the infrastructure problem, won’t it? I’m not suggesting socialism. Far from it. Just fairness. ??There’s nothing wrong with promoting an economic system that offers a level playing field and empowers everyone. The last time I saw that was is in the ’90s, and oh, by the way, it was under a Democratic president who gave us our first federal budget surplus in years.

If our engine is based on the American consumer powering it, then conservatives, I’m afraid, can’t have it both ways. They can’t hoard the nation’s wealth in the pockets of corporations and top-bracket individuals and families that get tax breaks by sending jobs overseas and can’t spend enough free cash to make up for the vast majority of middle-class Americans trying to hold onto their hats in a stiff wind.

Yes, we borrowed from our future to pay for our excesses and now the pigeons are coming home to roost. If wages or good jobs had increased instead, we wouldn’t have had to borrow so much to buy our children a college education or a car that got 14 miles to a gallon of gas.

Look at the damage: bankruptcy laws, changeable credit card agreements, corporate liability protection laws, mortgage securities backed by faltering payments. You bet I’m finally relieved that someone is listening to the middle class, It’s been squeezed and squeezed and there just isn’t any more “discretionary spending” to contribute to a recovery. But wait, those homes are still selling in Happy Valley, aren’t they? I wonder who’s buying them?

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