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Letter: Minturn citizens: It is time to sign

Frank Lorenti
Minturn , CO Colorado

Ginn came to council stating that he wanted to build 1,700 homes and a 150-foot tall building, ski area and a golf course, that these, at a minimum, were a non-negotiable issue.

Town Council in simple terms said, “OK, how much money will you give us?” “Millions,” Ginn said.

Since then they will allow Ginn to build all that plus add 45 feet to the height of his building to 195 feet tall and add 18 more holes to have two 18-hole golf courses. I guess Ginn can buy anything with the right amount of money. Also, Ginn still has to figure out how to put contaminated mine waste from Gilman into a pile in Minturn, stated Mike Holmes EPA 2/29/08. Now Town Council wants to buy National Forest lands with some of Ginn’s money to build a, a sewer plant, cottages, duplexes, mixed units, recreation center and affordable housing on what was once unbuildable public land. (7/10/07) Town Council, has said, would we rather let a private developer get this land or have the town build on it? How about if we buy it and re-zone it to open space or some other zoning that allows no building? That would be called “preserving our environment. ” Either if a private developer or the town buys these properties, get ready for more large-scale development right next door to all of us.

If we do not sign the referendum petition and vote “no” on this Ginn annexation, get ready for an assault on our open spaces, our quality of life, our environment, our planet. Vail homeowners and Ginn do not want the sewer plant next to them that is why they want to build the sewer plant next to us, here in Minturn.

I personally hope that they do not build the sewer plant next to me with affordable houses on the other side, I would not want that for any of you, either. Since I do not agree with buying up public lands and building on them and I think Ginn needs to limit his building, I want to sign the referendum petition and vote “no,” and bring this back to the negotiation table. No developer should be able to dictate to us the amount of buildings and scope of his project, just because he will pay us off.

Minturn Town Council told us we would be able to vote and then they changed their minds and refused to let us vote. By refusing us our right to vote they have taken away our democratic rights. This is the biggest issue we will probably ever face, and this Town Council refused to let us vote on it. The only way to vote now is to sign the referendum petition and force Town Council to let us vote on it. The town has finally approved the writing of the petition, and is now legally ready for signatures. We only have a short time to gather the required amount of signatures.

Minturn citizens, now is not the time to be quiet, stand up for your right to vote. We need your signature on the referendum petition. If you do not sign now it will be to late. Go to http://www.minturntimes.com, fill in your name and number on the contact page, and we will contact you to sign. Or call 827-4010.

This referendum petition is my way to act and to have the moral courage to do what I think is right.

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