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Letter: Minturn is on track with Ginn project

Earle Bidez
Minturn, CO Colorado

I attended a meeting the Minturn Town Council had invited all of our citizens to. It was the council’s chance explain their votes and answer questions from all citizens since any prior communication would have been illegal. I thought they offered reasoned and intelligent responses to everyone about every issue.

I was persuaded that they had indeed made the correct decision in voting for the Ginn annexation, and had bargained hard in Minturn’s interest to limit impacts and assure that our town would remain in control of its own destiny.

Much has been made of the fact that the council chose to not vote for a referendum. It is the responsibility of the council to make decisions, not pass the buck. It is the responsibility of the citizens to petition if they feel they must.

I urge everyone to not the sign the petition unless they are against the council decision. I also believe that you shouldn’t sign this petition unless you have talked with council persons and educated yourselves on what the facts are, not irresponsible rumors that tend to make the rounds with no basis in reality. The documents online at http://www.minturn.org are the facts. If after doing this research you wish to vote “no,” then by all means sign the petition. However, if you don’t want to vote “no,” then please be responsible enough to say “no thank you” to any petition. I am very concerned that if this council decision is annulled our town will never recover from the result.

The essential reason I support the council is that if we annul their decision, we are leaving the fate of our town in other hands. For example, the council bargained hard for a traffic-control agreement that will limit that most important impact. Without this agreement, we have no control over that traffic in the future. If Eagle County grants essentially the same project, Minturn will have all the impacts without any control or benefits. And these benefits are incredible.

There are two prominent arguments I’d like to address. First that Gilman’s toxic waste will be stored in Minturn. The EPA is who makes the call, and they haven’t made a decision. Ginn and Minturn must abide by that decision. One thing seems certain; that it will be better for us, not worse. It’s in Ginn’s best interest to make it safer, and council has a seat at the table when the decision is being made.

The other argument is the sewer plant. We are a member of the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District, which handles sewage for most of Eagle County. They want a regional sewer plant located roughly in the Dowd Junction area. Minturn wants a sewer plant roughly in the Dowd Junction area so that we can regain the use of our water rights. This decision is probably two years away. However, I think that it’s reasonable to assume that whether Ginn happens or not, the ERWSD will still apply for construction of the plant since their need is not based on the Ginn development.

At the meeting I noticed a publication urging people to go to a Web site and sign up for the petition drive. I visited this Web site and was appalled at the arguments presented. It’s the same ol’ recycled shtick. If you don’t have a good argument, accuse those you are opposed with corruption. Even if I was opposed to the council on this issue, I would want this Web site shut down. The council is made up of our neighbors who have donated considerable time to help our community. Some of them have lived here their entire lives. To allude that they have been bought out by Ginn is simply malicious behavior that should be condemned by all. Disagree if you want, but try to find something true to support your argument. This issue is too critical to base arguments on rumor and untruthful innuendo.

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