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Letter: Minturn must face reality

Earle Bidez, Minturn

I must admit I was perplexed by a recent letter, commenting on the Ginn Development . While whimsical and emotional, these are thoughts that seem to take place in a different reality than what we live in, whether unfortunate or not.

The decision on the Ginn project cannot be decided in a vacuum. To assume that if we say no that a garden of Eden will then take its place is quite naïve. What existed before Ginn was already scarred by mining and railroad, what will take place in the next few years will either be Ginn’s project or something else. This is private property, not a national park.

Ginn’s project is what we know can happen, with an impressive array of mitigations to many impacts on our community and nature in general. Some may not be happy with different aspects of the project: density, traffic, the fact that there are two golf courses instead of one, or as John may want, to have Ginn spend a few billion dollars to restore Eden then build a fence around it to prevent humans from getting in, and then leave. But please take a reasoned look at what the agreement says, and you can appreciate how far Ginn has reached to deal with these issues to gain Minturn’s approval.

I urge Minturn citizens to deal with what our real choices are. If you look at what other large developers have done in this county compared to what Minturn and Ginn negotiated, their efforts at environmental impact mitigation, traffic control, employee housing, community benefits, green construction, and view corridor concerns are pitifully anemic compared to the Ginn project.

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