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Letter: Minturn needs more time

Pete Vance
Minturn, CO Colorado

(Response to Vail Daily online comment):

Dear Hmmm “We were given the chance to speak and be heard but, evidently no one on council was really listening. It is all part of the process that is required by law, to have public comment, it doesn’t mean they have to act on what we say or ask. “Slip Past” is a way of saying it needs more time. There are things that are not guaranteed yet. No railroad agreement for the train. No EPA agreement for the cleanup, that has been stalled for over a year because of 19 acres of wetlands. No idea where the sewer plant is going or where the rec center will be located. Too many unanswered questions.

I understand the process, annexation then land use. What you need to realize is, he now has his foot in the door and we have lost most of our control. We can not bargain for more. What are we really getting? A rec center, who knows where? I don’t want it near me. A sewer plant? I don’t want it near me! Tell me where you live in town and we can have them built next to you. I mean that as an example only. I would not wish that on anyone. But Vail and Ginn wish their sewer plant on us. A cheap ski pass for six years, but then he is allowed to change the price. Minimum build-out in 20 years. Traffic that will increase so much, no one has an accurate figure. If you own a home now, it will go up in value (good) and so will the property taxes (bad). So now you have nice sidewalks and a rec center yet most Minturnites have left because they can’t afford their property taxes. Minturn will be comprised of 2nd homeowners.

Now, Ginn comes in and builds on his property. He gives us money to buy up parcels of Forest Service property so we can put up more buildings on what was once open public land. He is only required to house 50 percent of his employees. Hope you aren’t part of the 50 percent he doesn’t have to house. Good luck finding affordable housing. Ginn was already in Eagle County, whose zoning doesn’t allow for his development. If Eagle County wanted him, all they would have had to say from Day One was that he could build. They didn’t. Have the town not used their water rights to supply Ginn and let Ginn use his that you say he has enough of. He will be in water court for years. Check and see. He’s applied for some. As of now, he doesn’t have enough ” but we do.

I realize that council has invested a lot of time studying the development, but so have many of its citizens. This is a big project and it needs more time.

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