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Letter: Minturn " Say ‘no’ to Ginn

Frank Lorenti
Minturn, CO Colorado

Citizens of Minturn, I would like to explain what happens if we bring this to a vote, and we vote “no.”

It means that we are sending a message to this and future town councils that they cannot ignore 1,200 people. We the citizens of Minturn will have a strong voice on how this is handled. Minturn Town Council members have stated that if we vote no we will be “stuck” with traffic and all the negatives of the Ginn project without any compensation. Council’s only explanation on why they voted to annex Ginn is that they had no choice, because Ginn would go to Red Cliff or Eagle County. Council is trying to rule through scare tactics.

First: If Red Cliff had anything that Ginn needed, he would have tried to annex with them first. They are smaller. I am sure Red Cliff would have welcomed the opportunity, they need more money in their budget. Look how Red Cliff wanted input at our meetings, they also want things from Ginn. But Ginn refuses to officially talk with them.

Think of the money that he is giving us now, and divide that by four. There are about 1,200 residents in Minturn, 300 in Red Cliff. Cheaper to build a recreation center for 300 than 1,200 people, less sidewalks, etc. Much easier and cheaper to annex through Red Cliff. This is a multi-billion dollar company, they look at these numbers. So if they choose Minturn ” which is more expensive ” to annex them, it is not out of kindness or niceness. Ginn needs something that only Minturn can give him. Think about it.

Second: This is pretty simple. According to a Ginn representative, unincorporated Eagle County allows one house per 35 acres. How can Ginn build a 195-foot-tall multi-unit condo building, and most of his homes are on less than 35 acres? But, think of how much less building density, and less impact to wildlife there would be if he went through Eagle County. Those of you that do not want the 195-foot-tall building (it started at 150 feet) with 702 condos, plus an additional 498 condos and 500 homes ” some 18,000 square feet ” should hope that Ginn goes through Eagle County, because this town council is allowing him much more than one house per 35 acres. With Eagle County, he would only be able to build about 151 homes, at this time. Not all of his 5,300 acres are buildable, so 151 homes is probable a high number, meaning even less density and less impact to wildlife.

So you people should want to sign the petition and vote “no.”

No, Ginn needs Minturn to annex him, he will not go anywhere else. He will not go to Eagle County because he owns a big corporation that is trying to make money with a high-density project.

If he does not pack his bags and go back to Florida, then he will re-apply with Minturn. Then we, the citizens of Minturn can control our destiny. We will be able to provide more input on areas that concern each of us as an individual. We will require more openness and accountability, more and easier to understand information from future councils, and we will demand that the final approval or dis-approval will be up to the citizens.

Go to http://www.minturntimes.com for more info or to sign our contact page so we can contact you to sign the petition.

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