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Letter: Minturn seeing interesting times

Karen Briggs
Minturn, CO Colorado

Minturn again is experiencing change. It always makes it an interesting time. It seems like there are a few differences this time. People are attacking one specific councilman, who I don’t think deserves, but that is my opinion. If you look at every council person and every town member, there is some level of bias on this project. We elected a council and this shouldn’t become a personal war on one person. It also seems that people are trying to say some of us don’t care, aren’t paying attention or we are letting the town fool us.

Just because residents don’t go to every meeting, there are plenty of ways for us to educate ourselves, so don’t assume we are making uneducated decisions or burying our head in the sand. You compare this to the RV park. People got educated. We voted because the town wanted to give town property away to a private company to run and if there was any profit we got a percentage. There was no concessions for traffic or elk habitat. We were just giving it away. There is great opportunity for Minturn in this project. They will provide scholarship money for children; in my mind that is commitment to a community.

It seems that the Daily usually talks to the same two people, but not everyone feels the same way. If people need more info, read the letter from the town council, read the minutes for the town council and planning and zoning. It is all there to read. If you want the referendum, make sure you realize all the implications, risks, and possible costs.

We all have our opinions, but let use them in a way that neighbors don’t become enemies and we all have a little energy left over to enjoy a walk on our new sidewalks or a nice community party at the park.

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