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Letter: Minturn traffic will improve with Ginn

John Rosenfeld, Minturn

I am writing in support of the Battle Mountain annexation and resort being planned for the area.

Tuesday you published a letter that was so riddled with falsehoods, I simply could not resist writing to clarify the facts. It is appalling how Ginn and the Town of Minturn can be under such scrutiny for the details and facts of the development, meanwhile anyone can write whatever they want, and you will print it!

The council of the town of Minturn has been painstakingly researching, dissecting, and analyzing this project and protecting the residents of Minturn during the application process. All of the information has been a matter of public record since the corresponding meeting and work sessions conducted by the Town Council. Unfortunately, the person writing many of these letters was either not present or chose to sit out in the hall, missing the true facts.

Regarding the Colorado Department of Transportation right of way, many of the facts haven’t been reported. CDOT has never planned widening the road for any reason, and it is not even in the 30-year plan for Highway 6 through Minturn. It is not even mentioned in their 60-year plan. Installing sidewalks, curb and storm sewer will be done within the right of way going through town.

The clean curbs and sidewalk will replace the dusty roadbase that exists now. This will make the town safer for the people of Minturn, especially the children and elderly.

It has been widely accepted that the speed through town and on the approach from Leadville is a concern, and that it needed to be controlled. CDOT believes that the access points into the resort near Tigiwon Road will, in fact, slow traffic on its approach into town.

The report created to mitigate traffic through Minturn was considered the most thorough report ever received by CDOT for any project in the state. It was, in CDOT’s opinion, state of the art. In fact, the entire resort will be state of the art.

Residents of the town of Minturn are fortunate to have had the dedicated, thorough, competent group on the Town Council. They engineered an absolutely incredible deal for the residents of Minturn. Please support their unanimous decision to annex by voting yes to the annexation proposal on May 20, 11 times.

P.S. To Richard Carnes: Ginn has never approached this development as “my way or the highway” and I am certainly no starry-eyed speculator. I am an informed supporter.

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