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Letter: Minturn voters, do your part

Earle Bidez, Minturn

Minturn’s ballot on May 20 isn’t your garden-variety, simple yes or no vote on a single issue. In the voting booth you will face 11 yes or no questions.

Each of the ballot questions reflects separate actions taken by the Minturn Town Council when it approved the annexation of Battle Mountain in March.

For that annexation to be upheld, which it should, when you enter the polling place, please vote yes on all 11. It’s a long list, but one worthy of voting on affirmatively.

Why are there 11 questions? Because a petition was circulated by opponents challenging each of those actions made during a unanimous decision by the Town Council.

As a voter you are being asked to uphold the actions of your elected representatives. So what will you see on the ballot? Questions A through K. The first nine questions, A-I, involve the nine parcels of land being considered for annexation. Question J is the annexation agreement itself and question K deals with a water service agreement for the development.

It’s been my experience that the Town Council conducted a very extensive review of the annexation of the property and the development proposal and both addressed the effects and extracted from the developer some sizable community benefits. That agreement provides us the opportunity to take control of our future and to benefit as a community.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits ” a recreation/community center, scholarship for Minturn kids, a community partnership ski pass, sidewalks, bike path to Red Cliff,

funding for the completion of Little Beach Park, environmental mitigations, and much more. This is just some of the evidence of the level of detail.

You can get more information on the town of Minturn’s Web site, too at http://www.Minturn.org, where the details of the agreement reside.

The Town Council did its job. Now it’s time for you as a voter to do yours. I urge you to vote yes on A-K.

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