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Letter: Minturnites are informed

Patty Bidez, Minturn

I’ve been listening to the back and forth regarding the Ginn project since the first time it was brought to the council. I was undecided about the subject until just recently. I wanted to make sure that I had considered all of the facts available, pro and con, before making a decision that will affect my family for years to come. I have now decided.

Every time the location of Ginn’s Florida Hammock Beach Resort came up, I was reminded of the area that my grandfather lived. I decided to check it out, and sure enough, Ginn is located less than a mile from my family’s place in Palm Coast. Last week I called one of my uncles who still lives on the property. He’s retired from the Air Force, doesn’t work in the area, and has no ties to the Ginn Co.

I asked his opinion of Bobby Ginn and his resort. He said that the Mr. Ginn and his company are well liked by the townspeople, that they kept their word about the things they said they were going to do for the town, and they are still doing so. They had some pollution issues (I believe it was also an EPA site) and according to the townsfolk, Ginn did a wonderful job with that also. The Ginn Co. continues to be good citizens. The town has changed, but consensus is that it has been for the better. This is straight from an affected horse’s mouth. He says there have been some unhappy people, but that always comes with change and they are few.

I just read a letter by Mr. Frank Lorenti and agree with him on only one point. Of course we should use common sense and read all the information given. We, the people of Minturn, should always base our decisions and our votes on the facts. Unfortunately, Mr. Lorenti does not seem to have a grasp of what facts actually are (a concept whose truth can be proved.) Mr. Lorenti, the citizens of Minturn are not stupid. Please do not continue to speak to us as if we are.

Ginn will be getting my vote, and I hope the majority of Minturn’s also. The benefits of this project far outweigh the possible negative impacts. I only wish the rec center, bike paths, and opportunities for our citizens had come when my children were younger, so they could have grown up with them.

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