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Letter: More bad news about Iraq war

David Le Vine

Really good news ” that is unless you’re one of the unfortunate wives or parents! Only 19 servicemen were killed during the month of May.

And more good news! Mr. McCain has announced that we should remain in Iraq for five more years in order to accomplish who knows what. His estimate of a 2013 departure from Iraq must have just thrilled our servicemen. It meant that they might return home after they served (and hopefully survived) two or three more tours in Iraq. What a lovely forecast!

And now tell me why our war-loving president and his fellow Republicans have never had the guts to recommend a “draft” in order to remove at least some of the burden from our existing servicemen. And tell me why they haven’t proposed raising taxes so that the financial burden of this stupid war didn’t become the responsibility of our kids and their kids. Then tell me that they really are patriotic and are willing to assume their share of the sacrifices. (That would be in addition to Mr. Bush’s claim that because of his patriotism, he is not playing golf.)

This war be damned! From the time Mr. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, our participation has been a huge mistake. There never were any weapons of mass destruction; there was no al-Qaida presence, and we’ve accomplished nothing except to strengthen Iranian influence throughout the region. Our fellow Americans are still being killed and our nation’s debt is still exploding. End it now!

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