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Letter: Much misinformation about Minturn’s Ginn

Shelley Bellm, Minturn Town Council
Vail CO, Colorado

Before you sign the petition Minturn, take the time to carefully review the information provided by Mr. Frank Lorenti and Mr. Peter Vance in their recent letters to the editor and on the Web site http://www.minturntimes.com. Unfortunately, there is some incorrect and misleading information provided.

First, I’d like to know that if Mr. Lorenti and Mr. Vance are so opposed to this project, why is it that in the two years of hearings that the Town Council has been sitting through did neither of these gentlemen appear before us to express their distaste and dissatisfaction with this development?

Over the past two years that we have been reviewing this project, Mr. Lorenti has been before us nine times, not to discuss Ginn, but to discuss adding fluoride to the water supply, express his frustration with the councils request that he remove his barbed wire fencing and to discuss his dissatisfaction with our enforcement of the nuisance ordinance with regard to his neighbor. Not once did he discuss the Ginn annexation, the agreements, the waste water treatment plant, water, affordable housing, open space, etc. While Mr. Vance did appear before us twice during the hearing, only once was it to discuss Ginn. Mr. Vance’s request was to ask Mr. Ginn to consider a Japanese type of spa facility instead of a Ski resort. The other time was to discuss the “bio-mass fuel engineering plant” that he wanted to build in town.

Frank Lorenti is hoping to overturn the unanimous vote of the Minturn Town Council on Battle Mountain. His website is full of “facts.” Many of his “facts” are about water. Although there are many untruths about other issues on his site, the distortion of facts about water rights must be addressed.

Mr. Lorenti states that the source of water for Battle Mountain will be derived from the town water rights, augmentation water rights and additional town water rights. Here are the real facts on water rights taken verbatim from a summary of the Water Service Agreement between Minturn and Ginn:

Ginn provides water rights. Ginn will provide water rights and water storage to the town as necessary to allow Minturn to provide this water service. The town will own all the water rights so provided, but the Project will have the first claim on the water derived from those rights. Ginn will immediately convey to the town the Bolts Ditch and Arminda Ditch water right, and its contract with the Colorado River District for 18 acre feet of water from Eagle Park Reservoir.


As you can plainly see, the “fact” is the town gains in this transaction. The real facts are out there and the town is heading in the right direction. We have tried to get the correct information to our citizens by inviting all of you to a citizen forum to discuss our decision for annexation ” open and honestly with all of you, our constituents.

There is a lot of misleading and incorrect information being distributed. Visit http://www.minturn.org for a link to the most up-to-date and accurate information available or contact any of your current council members for the most accurate information.

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