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Letter: Need better Minturn coverage

Jan and Tony Carlotta, Denver
Vail CO, Colorado

My husband and I own property in Minturn and we’ve been relying on your newspaper to provide substantive facts on the Battle Mountain issue. Simply stated, your reporting has been dreadful for the last year.

It seems that all you do is print letters from Frank Lorenti. In the last few days you’ve printed two of them that basically say the same thing. This is not reporting.

Your newspaper is doing absolutely no critical thinking on this issue and it is a complete disservice. We can’t make the meetings and we rely on you to help us through this issue.

Please, do us all a favor and do actual reporting. Challenge both sides of this debate. It has been proven that the proponents of the referendum have been playing fast and loose with the facts. CHALLENGE THEM! Challenge town council members. It is time to start doing the hard work of reporting, not the easy work of cutting and pasting letters to the editor.

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