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Letter: Neguse will look out for CU

Ben Whitehair, Boulder

As a student at the University of Colorado, I can tell you that the board of regents needs someone with vision, passion, and experience to lead it forward. Joe Neguse is that person.

Joe earned his degree from CU in three-and-half years, graduating summa cum laude with a double degree in political science and economics.

During that time he served as student body president. His peers put him in charge of the $30 million budget because they trusted his integrity and knew he would work hard for them.

They were right. That year Joe traveled the state talking to people about Referendum C. Joe championed the measure that saved the state from financial ruin to students everywhere.

Next, Joe went to work for Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Majority Leader Alice Madden at the Colorado state legislature. There he built a wealth of knowledge about how to get things done.

Joe’s past is important because he is the only candidate who has the skills we need on the board of regents. He knows how to navigate the CU system, and he can combine that skill with his understanding of the state legislature.

Joe’s passion for CU is evidenced by the relentlessness he has campaigned with. Joe has already visited all 10 counties in the second congressional district, and he has called hundreds of delegates from all over.

Joe has always stood up for what is best for Colorado, and he will keep fighting for us if we elect him. I know we can count on Joe, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for him.

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