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Letter: No more affordable homes in Edwards

Jeanne Nelson
Vail, CO Colorado

To the Eagle County Commissioners:

You want to do what (without input or approval)? Yet another high-density project in the making without any approval from the public.

Edwards has already been impacted by affordable housing with the development of Miller Ranch, the proposed and approved West End as well as new schools. We do not have the necessary infrastructure to handle the added influx of people. Edwards cannot handle the current traffic issues and yet, the schools and the West End are not even a reality yet.

Why would Eagle County consider adding additional high-density housing to this mix before we know all of the implications? We have Brett Ranch and Lake Creek Village as well as Lo Ho (Lower Homestead) that all allow for affordable condominiums as well as town homes but we need MORE so we build Miller Ranch and we are going to build the West End but it is still not enough.

Let’s build more on Eaton’s property! Wait, no developer can afford to take on this project? Perhaps it is, because they wouldn’t be able to acquire such high-density zoning? What, so Eagle County can afford this and zone it how they please? And who exactly would benefit from this? If you create this and approve it, you will take away every single reason people live here and desire to live here. Then we won’t need any more housing and we won’t need everything that has been built because the integrity of our life in the mountains will have been compromised and obliterated.

If there is one redeeming quality in this plan then bring it to the voters. Build the infra-structure, make a plan and then come to the public (whose money you are using to purchase the land) with a well thought through plan and ASK for approval.

My guess is that you would be afraid to do this because it will be turned down, hands down!

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