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Letter: Nope, not the party of Lincoln

Cal Thomas, along with Reps. Kevin McCarthy (R-California) and Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), are delusional when they keep trying to convince everyone that they represent the party of Lincoln. Thomas chides Obama for his remarks at the funeral of John Lewis trying to show how Democrats are segregationists. All the examples Thomas refers to occurred prior to 1965 when some Democratic governors in the South made every effort to deny civil rights to Blacks continuing to enforce Jim Crow laws consistent with the views of the “Solid South” from 1877-1965.

When it became apparent with the Truman Administration that the Democratic Party was beginning to alter their views on civil rights, the “Solid South” began to crack and the “Dixiecrats” emerged — former southern Democrats who created their own party. Diehard Democrats like Wallace and Faubus hung on, but the dye was cast.

When President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1965, many Southern Democrats fled to the Republican Party which is now not enamored with promoting civil rights for African Americans. Trump is now the one sending in federal troops to quell civil protests and advocating not removing Confederate monuments.

Bottom line is today’s Republican Party, the party of Trump, is the Democratic Party of the late 19th and mid 20th century and today’s Democratic party is the Republican Party of the same era. Most African Americans voted Republican post-Civil War and since the New Deal are voting Democratic. Today, the party of Lincoln is the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party.

Denny Geraghty

Denver and Eagle County

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