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Letter: Not happy with Avon cops

Matthew Smolskis
Vail, CO Colorado

During the early morning of Feb. 11, my friend was pulled over on our way back home to Wildridge. I would like to state the officers name, but his handwriting was illegible. So, officer #681 of the Avon Police Department pulled us over on account of running a stop sign. This reason can and will? be contested by the four other passengers in the vehicle. When officer #681realized that the driver was not intoxicated and simply doing his friends a favor by being the designated driver, he proceeded to give him a ticket for the running of a stop sign.

After the “backup officer” decided to follow another vehicle, officer #681 finally issued us the ticket. Due to the fact? that the driver resides in the state of Pennsylvania, he cannot appear at his court date, which means he is forced to pay the fine. In the end what I am trying to say is that the local police are not out to “protect and serve.” Instead their main concern is to help pay for all those new cars they are driving around. So, the next time you are out enjoying yourself at a local establishment, don’t have your sober friend pick you up.

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