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Letter: Obama can’t be stopped

David Le Vine
Vail CO, Colorado

This letter is directed to all of the young (and old, too) people who have been attracted by the candidacy of Barack Obama. Don’t despair! While the shenanigans of Reverend Wright certainly constitute a distraction, they will not derail Mr. Obama’s quest for the presidency.

There is little possibility that Mrs. Clinton will overtake his lead among elected delegates; and I don’t believe that the super delegates will overrule the results of the state elections. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the Democratic super delegates would deny Mr. Obama’s victory and thus alienate the very essential support of African-Americans.

Having said that, I will also predict that Mr. Obama will defeat Mr. McCain. Long before November, the distraction currently being provided by Mr. Wright (which has been strongly criticized by Mr. Obama) will be considered ancient history and Mr. Obama’s optimistic message will once again influence public opinion.

Furthermore, Mr. McCain, burdened by his continued endorsement of the war in Iraq, his age (72 and looking like 82), his anti-abortion beliefs, his inability to simultaneously cater to both the religious right and the independents, his evil temper and the obvious association with Mr. Bush will overwhelm his obvious patriotism. No contest!

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