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Letter: Obama’s true colors

Karl Berger
Wolcott, CO Colorado

Matt Zalaznick’s editorial about Geraldine Ferraro couldn’t have been timed any better. One day later, we see the true Barack Hussein Obama, the man who has sat in the pews for 20 years of “hate America” speeches from his “spiritual advisor.” Now we know where Michelle Obama’s comments come from, that “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” And where exactly is this Mr. Wright? (I won’t honor him with the title of “pastor,” as any true man of the cloth would never spread such venomous poison). He is evidently in hiding, no doubt at the request of the Obama campaign. I just have one question, Matt. Where is your diatribe about racism now?

Obama initially told us he had never heard any of these negative comments, only to change his tune the very next day and admit that maybe he had. A little disingenuous, at best. He has campaigned on the notion of how significant “words” are, only to find a few weeks later that “words” can come back to haunt him.

A seated United States Senator has no business listening to this kind of rhetoric on a weekly basis, regardless of his beliefs. His very presence at this “church” not only lends credence to this nut job, it validates it to the others present. Does he subject his daughters to this anti-America rantings?

And I’m sure you truly thought you could believe in him, and his promise of change, only to find it is the same political garbage. What a waste.

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