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Letter: Outsider’s view of Ginn deal

Dana Wimbley, Avon

I do not live in Minturn, but do live in the Vail Valley and have been watching this whole petition issue involving Battle Mountain with great interest. I guess as an outsider I have a couple of comments.

First, Mr. Lorenti keeps saying the town did not get a good enough deal. However, I’ve not heard what he wants different.There is nothing on his Web site.

One-hundred-and- eighty million is a much better deal than the county or any other town in Eagle County has ever got. So what specifically does he want?

I’ve looked at his facts and the actual documents on the town Web site and they are completely at odds. Mr. Lorenti says the town will lose water rights. The agreement clearly states the town will get their water rights plus more water rights.

Finally, when I look at Mr. Lorenti’s Web site he only has comments that support his position. I know that I’ve posted some skeptical views and questions on his site, as well as some of my friends, and they are not printed. I don’t think Mr. Lorenti is being honest with anyone and has no interest in being an honest broker of information. This is too important for such sophomoric hijinks. It is impossible that everyone agrees with him. Something does not smell right.

Finally, I have been very disappointed by the Vail Daily reporting. The reporter seems to only talk to a few people and there has been zero real analysis of the issue. Yet every other day is a letter from Mr. Lorenti. This is a failure of journalism. Citizens need research, you know, actual journalism. Everyone in the county is served poorly by your lack of actual reporting to date.

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