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Letter: Panning the Vail Daily’s car reviewer

Robert S. English
Vail, CO Colorado

I read Andy Stonehouse’s “Surviving the Storm” article. I have to ask: Why is a person who so bitter about life writing reviews? His disdain for all things American is overflowing in his article as he leaves no opportunity unrecognized to throw in a dig on virtually any topic. He insults people of the Midwest: “Apparently, Mr. Araya went and lived with a Midwestern family who already used a enormous SUV as their principal mode of transport”; He insults the maker themselves: “revamped 2008 Sequoia ” the car so big they had to name it after a Redwood tree” and countless others.

He apparently is also an expert in corrosion and metal systems as he blames magnesium chloride for the failure of the chrome on the bumper. He takes a free car to review, runs the company gas card to fill it up all in the name of reporting and then he pans it continuously with his venomous rhetoric towards all things he thinks are responsible for his view of the problems of the world. He complained that he was stuck just off Kenosha Pass, yet he failed to admit that his own stupidity and lack of proper planning put him there. Ever hear of a radio, Andy, or were you too busy hooking up your iPod to the sound system? Oh wait, no you couldn’t do that because you said “If I’d planned it right I guess I could have sat there and watched DVDs or rocked out to the 14-speaker, 660-watt JBL stereo system, but this was not a particularly fun occasion to do so.”

So right there you are admitting you failed to exercise the one thing the continuously kills people in the High Country: lack of planning.

Andy, I drive a Smartfortwo, not considered a gas hog, but I do have vanity plate on it that says exactly that so if you want to know who I am, just look for me ” I’m pretty easy to spot! I am not some tree-hugging enviro-nazi who lives in a gigantic mansion on the side of Brokeback Mountain with solar panels on the roof that never operate because I have the electric heat cranked all the time. In fact I am a businessman ” heavens to Betsy! I think if you want to launch an attack on something, then launch it at your government who rewards the auto industry with exemptions for big trucks which propogate the very SUV industry you are making a living on panning! Blame our government for allowing lobbyists from unions, steel industry, and the auto industry who ripped apart the very laws put in place following the Arab Oil Embargo of 1973 to prevent us from being exactly what we have become: gas hogs!

Andy, I’m sure the next time you pack your granola bars and ultra-pure spring water for an outing, you will stop and look at the packaging of those items and remember to pan the plastics industry for their horrendous waste of oil in the packaging that keeps your all natural food fresh.

I’ll look for this letter in the next edition, but I’m sure this one somehow won’t make it in because you’ll need the room for your next zinger on some other innocent victim.

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