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Letter: Phillips, Golembiewski, Hardy for Avon

The Avon Town Council and manager have been leaders in Eagle County.  

In the early days of the pandemic, Avon led local governments and businesses with weekly Zoom meetings. One Zoom subject was securing PPP funding for local businesses. Avon assembled multiple bankers, business people and the town attorney to help guide businesses in getting PPP money. Another discussion was how to navigate and explain workplace safety guidelines set by the county and state government.

Amy Cramer Phillips’s knowledge of the hospitality business, understanding of the Traer Creek development, and ability to hear all sides of an issue will help keep a balanced Town Council. Amy has pushed for an increased exemption to the Avon Transfer Tax. She has been successful in getting the town to decrease this tax for residents of Avon purchasing homes. 

Lindsay L. Hardy and Martin Golembiewski have been dedicated to the Town of Avon with their multiple years of service on the Avon’s Planning and Zoning Board. There has been positive development of the town under their watch. Both Lindsay and Martin understand town operations. Lindsay, an architect, and Martin, an engineer, will bring their business skills to the Town Council.

Please join me in voting for Amy Cramer Phillips,  Lindsay L. Hardy and Martin Golembiewski. Martin, Lindsay and Amy will be strong leaders for Avon.

Dave Dantas

Former Avon Town Councilmember

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