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Letter: Political differences in Iowa

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

During the past several weeks I have watched both the Republican and the Democratic debates from Iowa. Wow! What a difference!

Being a Democrat, (though not a very liberal one), I worried that my party’s candidates would come off as “goody- goody,” indecisive, weak on security and too full of “pie-in-the-sky” liberal programs. Boy was I wrong! They are a group of highly intelligent people with sense of urgency, sense of humor, and realistic programs. What’s more, they showed obvious respect for the responsibilities of the government, the interests of our citizens and the ever increasing importance of engaging other countries in a positive manner. And every one of them spoke about the need to include input from all Americans in order to achieve a less fractured country and optimum results.

On the other hand, the Republicans extolled the virtues of further lowering taxes, deporting all illegal immigrants, and continuing to wage war. But not a word was spoken about the added debt that occurs when taxes are cut. And not a word was spoken regarding the logistics of deporting 14 million people; nor of the economic disorder nor of the broken families that would result. And not a word was spoken about the added lives that will be lost or the billions of dollars that it will cost if we continue with our obsession for military solutions. And very importantly, there was little mention, if any, of the need to re-unite our country.

I do believe that there are major differences between the agendas of the two parties and I would hope that voters clearly understand those differences.

David Le Vine

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