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Letter: Poverty is a presidential issue

Angela Brightwell, Avon
Vail CO, Colorado

As a voter and a member of a local chapter of the poverty-fighting group ONE, I have been working with the more than 2.4 million ONE members nationally to make the fight against extreme poverty and global disease an issue in the 2008 presidential election.

I know global poverty is usually not part of the conversation when it comes to presidential politics. But through ONE Vote ’08, ONE’s nonpartisan effort made up of ordinary voters and some of the most experienced political and policy experts in America, that’s all changing. ONE members are engaging the candidates at campaign stops across America and asking them about their plans to fight poverty and save lives. Candidates are responding, some with policy speeches, others by incorporating global poverty into their national security platforms.

As “Super Tuesday” approaches, ONE Vote ’08 only plans to turn the pressure up. For instance ONE members have gotten all of the major candidates to go on the record and lay out their concrete plans to fight global poverty and disease if elected, for all voters to see.

I encourage voters to view those plans and compare the candidates at http://www.onevote08.org/ontherecord.

For the sake of the lives being lost and the security of Americans here at home, preventing global poverty and disease must be part of this year’s campaign.

Want to hear something a little different out of the candidates this year?

Visit ONE.org and get involved.

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