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Letter: ‘Press One for English’

Jon Silver
Boulder, CO Colorado

It seems that I can never read this local paper without seeing an article or reading a letter on illegal immigration. Like it was some monumental problem requiring immediate action or the whole country was going to die.

The last time I opened my eyes, which was this morning, I noticed that our great country was facing several problems. Let me list some of them: Health care, affordable housing, people losing their homes in foreclosure, lost jobs overseas, stagflation, a falling dollar, higher oil prices, unemployment, climate change, people getting hit by other skiers and snowboarders, too much traffic on the highway, no cure for cancer or AIDS, lack of funding for stem cell research, people still homeless from Hurricane Katrina, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, overcrowding in prisons, kids shooting other kids in school, too much violence on TV, too much salt in our diets, drunk driving, a terrorist waiting to get me when I walk out of my front door and, of course, illegal immigration.

My point is that we have a lot of problems, but if illegal immigrants are your biggest concern, then do something about it. After dining out, go in the back and wash your own dish. Before you leave your hotel room, make your own bed and then clean the room. Pick your own oranges and avocados and while you’re out there, please box up a few extras and ship them to the rest of us. On a big powder day, show up for work to mix some concrete. I realize that these mundane chores may be a little overwhelming to most of the chronic immigration complainers, so try this: See if you can drive the speed limit in a residential area, keep your dog on a leash and pick up the poop, and don’t litter. Those things are illegal too.

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