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Letter: Proposition 115 and the basic right to life

It is sad that Proposition 115 is even on the ballot. It is cruel that we are allowed to dictate the fate of another person. Voting yes on 115 ought to be an obvious choice. The right to life after all is the most fundamental of all rights. The truth of the unborn child’s humanity may not be as obvious earlier in gestation, but by 22 weeks it is undeniable. The fact that Proposition 115 is up for vote points to a sickness in American culture that makes its passing uncertain.

The most common objections to abortion restrictions are fallacies that are not only untrue but also irrelevant. Some claim that these restrictions are giving too much power to the government. On the contrary, it is the government doing its most fundamental task of protecting the innocent. Others assert that religious beliefs should have no place in politics. It is evident however from the many secular people who are pro-life that the wrongness of abortion can be known from rational principles.

Still, others may say that limiting abortion is a trademark of a patriarchal, misogynistic society. This objection demeans the millions of women who are pro-life. Some may also chide pro-lifers for holding inconsistent or downright evil views themselves. This ad-hominem attack gets us no closer to whether the unborn child deserves protection.

There are endless arguments and rebuttals that could never fit in a 300-word letter to the editor. Therefore, I encourage all who read this to examine the arguments for and against Proposition 115 carefully. Once you get past all the evasive, euphemistic language and address the issue on its own terms, the answer becomes clear. Let us all restore the first and most basic right to those who should never have lost it.

Dylan Worthy


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